Young people today face considerable challenges in creating a bright future for themselves, which is why childhood is a critical period for the development of human and social capital and is determined in preparing societies to be prosperous, sustainable and inclusive in the future.

The sustainable development goals are established so that young people can have the drive for development but only if they are provided with the skills and opportunities needed to reach their potential, support and contribution to develop their communities.

Here are few objectives MTW contribute to young people towards achieving the global SDGs targets.


With the right tools and information, children and young people can play a critical role in the implementation and monitoring of the SDGs, sparking action in their communities and holding leaders to account.This is why MTW works more with young people to raise awareness through schools and community gatherings, educating and engaging young children on why the goals matter to their everyday lives. This helps them build a strong relationship within their communities.


Creative arts play a greater role in the lives of children. Developing freedom of thought to enable children to think and create new ways of solving problems always get children to display their hidden talents very well. So when it comes to Get Global we introduce creative games and interactive activities such as Bracelet making, Beans growing, Streetsmart and many more to prepare them for the future and to also help them find ways to approach situations and challenges that may come their way.

Social education

With our social education, we believe that the provision of knowledge and skills that improve an individual’s understanding and awareness of their rights and the rights of others is very important for every child. MTW has been a key tool in this changing world and serves as the foundation of social development in communities. The organisation acts as an agent of change to transform individuals to be effective citizens of the globe which involves the development of life skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking and interpersonal skills.

Livelihoods education

MTW builds one’s ability to secure a sustainable livelihood through skills assessment and a balance between developing entrepreneurial and employability skills. We get the children to have the ability to look at challenges and develop the ability to communicate thoughts, ideas, feelings and concerns effectively and be able to adapt to different groups of people in order to work collaboratively.

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