Right Tools, Techniques, Professional and Personal Development Support – Habiba Abdallah

Volunteering over 5 years with organizations engaging, interacting and facilitating sessions in deprived communities on rights and education issues were as a result of being involved in capacity building workshops, conferences, advocacies and campaigns.

Most of these opportunities come in the form of direct and indirect engagements, trainings and facilitation with adults and young girls between the age-range of 15 – 18 years using participatory methods such as focused group discussions etc.

At MTW, I was introduced and trained to facilitate through experiential learning process. Its key framework on personal development has allowed me to make self-awareness and personal responsibility a priority.

Through MTW Get Global sessions, my knowledge on the SDGs has improved as I am challenged each time to research and plan ahead before running or taking up a session on an SDG.

In the realms of global and community citizenship techniques, feedback and reflection sessions especially from the core team after each session prepares me to be an active global citizen. It helps me analyse issues and believe that amidst challenges, there’s a silver lining.

For example, I once had a difficult experience with a school I was facilitating a GG programme. Where things looked blur because the school’s collaboration was weak, the professional support by the team led to massive improvement and my exposure to this challenge strengthened me more.

Being a change maker highlights different causes and effect but with the right tools, you will sail through.

Have a good read and stay immersed for the next episode of my personal impact with MTW


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