Getting Equipped to be a Get Global Facilitator – Celestine Chime

Volunteering has always been an easy commitment to me because of my personal goals of being an active changemaker wherever and whenever the need arises. Working with Move the World (MTW) has however been a learning and development phase of my life and experience in working with NGOs thus far. 

One thing that sets MTW apart from different organizations of similar stature is the attention and emphasis on training. Training as a facilitator for the Get Global Programme was fun and challenging; challenging in the sense that it made you unlearn some things and also equipped you with new skills.

As a team, we had to go through every single activity that would be done for the thirteen sessions with the kids. Going through these activities not only equipped me with the skills needed for facilitating Get Global sessions, it also put me into the shoes of the children and made me understand some of the likely challenges the kids might face using different scenarios of facilitation. It also gave me a deeper sense of the importance of these activities in teaching about the SDGs.

My highlight during the entire training sessions was however setting for myself goals for the programme and writing them down so I could reflect on them all through the duration of the programme up until it was over. I still hold on to these goals and I am positive they are still attainable despite the Corona Virus disruptions on the programme.

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