Re-use to Create

Written by Hawa Tasala Gariba

We speak and we act it out.
Sustainable development GOAL 6 speaks about CLEAN WATER AND SANITATION. The MTW engages the students it works with and some members of the community it works in to do a clean up exercise in the community to help reduce rubbish in the communities that gets washed into the water bodies by rain which ends up giving us several diseases. Community members have come to understand this and so they no longer litter around, instead they drop the plastic waste into the dustbin or they take it to the recycling companies. Students are made to pledge that they will practice what they’ve learnt in their houses and wherever they find themselves.

I have personally learnt from this that, The water sachet we throw around can actually be used to make beautiful market bags which I am planning to learn how to make. I am very glad that I am a part of the MTW.

MTW is not only about talking but acting it out too.

#Keepyourcommunityclean #Dontlitteraround #Staysafe #Stayhealthy.

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