Ben’s Views on Get Global COVID Workbook

In the midst of a global pandemic of which Ghana is not exempted, the Get Global COVID-19 Workbook has been one of the numerous literatures that has been keeping our kids active and educating them on this novel disease. My mom will always say and I paraphrase, ‘this virus they say is very dangerous has a very nice name; COVID-19, it sounds funny-like.’ I called a nephew of mine over the weekend, he attends one of the best schools in Kumasi. He is 11 years old and I asked him whether he knows about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To my surprise he said he has never heard of it before. I spoke to his mom and told her I would send him the soft copy of the Get Global COVID-19 Workbook.                             

The response from my nephew made me realize the good work Move The World (MTW) is doing through the Get Global Programme. Reaching the less privilege in our deprived communities such as Medie and its environs. The Get Global Programme, covers about 7 schools in the Medie community and its environs with a total of about 176 children being impacted, not to talk of the rippling effects. The first 6 SDGs has been simplified to the level that every kid can read and understand with little or no stress. Students get to have a hands on experience on every goal we teach and facilitate. The general acceptance of the community is overwhelming and plans are being made to extend it to other schools. As a Get Global Facilitator, I have had the opportunity to be with the kids most of the time, the excitement on their faces is worth seeing and very satisfying.

The COVID-19 booklet came in at such an opportune time, but this time around it was made for the entire community not only some selected schools. Copies were made available in the Medie community both in hard copies and soft copies. Parents, children and guardians who expressed interest were given copies free of charge.  The nature of the COVID-19 booklet talks about innovative and preventive measures to help prevent and control the spread of this noble virus. It also talks about the first six SDGs which links it up to various day to day activities. It has a lot of fun games which teaches our kids to think globally and find creative and innovative ways to make the world a better and safer place for humanity. I entreat all and sundry to download this workbook from MTW website for their kids

As stipulated by Steve Irwin ‘ I believe that education is all about being excited about something. Seeing passion and enthusiasm helps push an educational message’.

This encapsulates what the COVID-19 booklet is all about, helping people to discover themselves, discover their passion and embracing it with all enthusiasm for the betterment of themselves and their community at large. My heartfelt appreciation goes to the  MTW Team for their hard work and thoughtfulness. Their relentless effort in their quest to promote and educate our children into getting global and staying safe in this abnormal times. I encourage us all to ensure social distancing since it has proven to be best strategy to combat the noble COVID-19.

-Owura Ben.

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