My Impact as a Facilitator

Written by: Michael Kwesi Woma

Get Global has impacted so many lives including mine and every time I hear or see things about innovations to improve and sustain the well-being of children and their families through educational activities, it makes me realise how Move the World (MTW)  has empowered and transformed me and my community to be a part of this amazing global community. 

How amazing is it walking around my community only to see kid writing about things MTW has facilitated with them on walls in their community! Now those are the impacts am talking about, an impact that gets you involved in your community by simply sharing the knowledge you get to the rest of the people around you. Anytime all these events begin to circle around me I see myself being a part of a global-chain that is helping to bring change in my community.

Ever since my involvement with MTW I feel my sense of purpose has been enhanced with greater courage to build a strong and diverse relationship within my community and partner with communities, actively learning and understanding their realities. This has given me the amount of respect I receive from parents and kids in my community by calling my name (WOMA!!!) and when kids see this transformations they try to be like you in their own ways.

The sun has shined towards my face and now I see the shadows falling behind me and that is the joy i get when am with my global family!!!

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