Collective Action Works – By Israel Fugah

Over the past few days even as confirmed cases of the corona virus continue to grow, we are beginning to receive some good news of affected individuals recovering fully from the virus. Amazing, right?!! With Ghana and Nigeria reporting over 80 and 150 recovered cases respectively as at April – 17 – 2020, glimmers of hope of fighting off this invisible enemy continue to rise higher.

With governments and health institutions advocating massively for social distancing and personal hygiene, many are beginning to understand the severity of the potential growth of the pandemic.

With health workers risking their lives on the frontlines, businesses taking their activities online, parents doing their best to home-school and home-care their wards at the same time, food sellers and delivery companies working around the clock to ensure food and water is always available for the masses, non-profits sharing relief items to the vulnerable, individuals helping in the spread of reliable information from relevant sources using internet and doing their best to stay at home, the world is beginning to appreciate better how much we need each other to survive and grow!

As the world counts on health professionals, grocery workers, researchers, emergency personnel, farmers and sanitation workers in launching a forward attack on the virus, it will be our duty as global citizens to continue to observe safety rules and regulations necessary to flattening the curve! Do your part by staying at home and leverage on technology, which has brought this age closer to itself than any other age to inspire and sensitize the many across the globe!

I’m convinced that collective action would not only be that invincible force that would break off this pandemic but will be that major key needed to restore many economies of the world.

May the picture of these 2 kids looking on to one of our sessions inspire you to be optimistic during these times.

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