PITF: Interview with Naa Ayorks Aryeetey – World Merit Ghana

Naa Aryeeetey
  1. What does it mean to be a Global Citizen?

A global citizen is anyone who understands the bigger world and is always curious about his or her place in it.

In regards to the SDGs, which one do you feel impacts you the most/or which one are you most passionate about?

Actually I’m passionate about 2 of them. SDG 3, which focuses on health and SDG 4 which focuses on education. I’m always excited when I see people living their lives to the fullest irrespective of where they find themselves. So I ask myself, how do we achieve this? By educating people on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and for those who have challenges with their health, lifestyle modifications they need to make to enable them to live healthier lives. And I don’t mean just physical health. Emotional and social well being too!

How did you get involved with your organization?

I joined the World Merit Team a few years ago during my housemanship in Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital, Kumasi. These were a group of people that were ready to help the world around them in any possible way they could. The effect of such noble intentions were inspiring.

What makes you passionate about what you do within your organization?

Giving back to the society. Joining forces to be a source of hope to another is fulfilling.

How do you see MTW and your organization collaborating?

I got to know about Move The World in the course of my work with World Merit Ghana 4 years ago; then the group identified themselves as ‘Awareness through Dance’. It was a night of multicultural learning. Their eagerness and willingness to connect and explore ways both parties could be beneficial to our community was admirable. Move The World and World Merit Ghana has collaborated in the past and I believe we can do it again.

Interviewed by Michael Woma

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