Half Year Thoughts with Hawa

Life in the first half of the year has been a rollercoaster, it’s been sweet, sour, and there has been happy and sad moments as well, where we’ve lost lost ones and received loved ones.

But even flowers as beautiful as they are have got thorns on some of them, therefore life cannot be sweet all the time….All in all, I didn’t let the negatives effect me or those around me that much as I had lives to impact and people looking up to me!
Programs went on as scheduled, children graduated from Get Global and Get Local respectively and it was fun seeing the excitements on their faces.

And oh!! There was an orphans party which I volunteered to be a part of, children(orphans) from different schools were brought together to have fun (Games, Art works, Quran Recital competitions, eating, dancing and a lot).
My favourite part was having the opportunity as the art director and asking these orphans to draw or sketch things they don’t have but wish to have someday. I was inspired, I shed tears and I was amazed by the talents of the children….It was fun.

The interesting part of this year so far was when ‘Team Incredible’ as we call ourselves at MTW, decided “Hey Team Incredible, we’ve worked hard, let’s go on a retreat to pamper ourselves and have a meeting.”
And let me tell you… it was worth it!! The location, the view, the people, everything was amazing. Sleeping at night and listening to the sea breeze, waking up in the morning to the beauty of the sea and the beautiful people of Central Region. It was a relaxing experience, not forgetting the lunch provided by Team MTW. I personally had the chance to showcase my picture taking skills, roaming the streets of CapeCoast and making new friends.

It was amazing and I’m looking forward to what the second half of the year has for us!!!!

Team Incredible at Cape Coast Retreat – Aug 2022

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