Healing the World post-Covid – Michael Woma

A good global citizen understands global processes and to narrow it down to this global pandemic, the question I keep asking myself is “What if the world is not in danger but a mechanism of healing itself from the damage mankind has cursed it?”

For some reason, I think the world isn’t in danger because we are the real threat, can you see that before quarantine nature is taking its place? Animals can roam freely, the air is more cleaner now that there are no more people working in factories and no more people using vehicles because people are inside their houses.

There is a saying, that everybody want to change the world but nobody is ready to change themselves for the world. Perhaps it is time for us to reflect on ourselves and ask, what have we done for mother earth? Do you really need to use that much plastic bag? Will you walk to the nearby shop instead of driving? It is all the little things that matters, and if everyone contributed indirectly, the planet will be a beautiful place to live it.

The world is calling for healing and it is speaking to us in a specific language we dearly understand, now is the time for this generation to come together and fight for the well-being of mother earth. 

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