How 2023 Ended

Hawa, Social Media Officer, runs through the final 2 months of 2023 as we gear up for 2024!

2023 was an interesting year from its start to finish. Move The world had a lot in store for us all and we duly executed them.

In November, we had our managing director come to Ghana to take us through some organizational trainings(for the CORE TEAM) and she also held a full team training(Facilitators inclusive). It was all learning new things and sharing ideas until the GREAT DECEMBER came….Haha. We all were excited because December brings lots of joys, fun and memories.

We held our annual staff Christmas video and 2023 we decided to change the narrative, we went OLD SCHOOL, yes!!! Old School. Facilitators dolled up themselves in the 60’s to 90’s attire and it was a sight to behold!! They took their Christmas videos and had time to take some pictures. We were also graced by the presence of some TRUSTEES of Move The World and they had their share of the fun.

Our students were not left out, we had a few of them sing out the 12days of Christmas in our own version(Using the Sustainable Development Goals), sometimes we need to get creative, you agree right!! Hahaha – be sure to check out the final compilation below!

2023 December was a sweet and an amazing month and we hope this year brings nothing less to what last year gave us.

We’re Hiring!

Join our fun and supportive team as our Grants Manager.

  • Move The World, International Development Education Charity – with operations in Ghana Remote working with access to London  
  • £29,000 Annually 
  • Pro-rata Permanent, Part-time, 2 days (16 hours) a week to be worked flexibly

NB: Potential for role to be increased to 3.5 days (28 hours) with successful pending grant application

About Move the World

Move the World is a UK registered charity and registered NGO in Ghana founded in 2016, focused on community development and global citizenship education in the Ga West Municipality of Ghana, West Africa. Our mission is to educate youth in Ghana to be active global citizens. We work alongside schools and communities to deliver our global citizenship education programmes, Get Global and Get Local using the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as learning themes. Since our 2019 pilot 914 students, 15 young adults and 9 teachers throughout 12 different schools have engaged with each other in experiential activities to build life skills whilst learning about local and global issues. 

Job description 

We’re looking for a Grants Manager to join our small UK team to help us reach out to new donors particularly  trusts and foundations.

Move The World is growing, and this role will be dedicated to continuing this trend. Although the role will focus on raising funds from trusts and foundations, as a small international development charity, we work dynamically, adjusting to the most pressing need at any time. You’ll embrace this culture and enjoy being responsive. You’ll need to be passionate, personable and well organised. You’ll manage your own partnerships as well as supporting existing ones.

As we are growing and expanding there is breadth to this position and opportunities for increased hours and promotion to the Senior Management Team as Director of Development.

This role will be home-based, but you’ll need to be able to travel to London for one – two days a month to meet with our UK team. You’ll need to also  be able to travel in the UK to meet with partners, and there will be potential for international travel. 

Your main responsibilities 

  • Write and submit applications to a range of trusts and foundations including corporate foundations, including working with our programme team to develop the applications and gather the information you need to create the application.
  • Research and develop relationships with trusts and foundations, and manage our grants pipeline.
  • Engage with potential, existing and previous funders to identify funding opportunities 
  • Write and submit inspiring reports for existing funders.
  • Lead on due diligence processes for funders.
  • Support the monitoring of our fundraising budget to ensure we’re on track to meet the annual fundraising target.

You must have or be all of these: 

  • At least three years’ experience of charitable fundraising – ideally international development
  • Experience of cultivating relationships with trusts, foundations and/or corporates
  • An understanding of individual giving
  • Experience of researching and managing a fundraising pipeline 
  • Experience of using a fundraising CRM (we use Beacon but experience in any CRM will be transferable) 
  • Plenty of experience using Excel and Microsoft Word or Google Sheets and Google Docs 
  • Great organisational skills – you need to be able to multitask and prioritise your own workload 
  • Strong communication skills – we work remotely but we are all in touch a lot, you need to be happy to be part of this remote team and stay in touch about what you’re doing 
  • Good digital acumen – you can’t be a technophobe 

It would be great if you had some of these: 

  • Experience in either education or international development 
  • Understanding of communications, in particular social media and newsletters 
  • Experience of putting together fundraising resources and newsletters, using Canva or Indesign 
  • Experience of digital fundraising including Facebook 

You’re likely to be a great fit if: 

  • You enjoy communicating with donors and sharing a cause with them 
  • You’re passionate about international development 
  • You are happy to work independently 
  • You have a flexible approach to your work. As a small charity, everyone in the team has to do things that aren’t in their job descriptions 

Interview Process

Interviews will be conducted over Zoom on Monday 30th May and will include a short assessment. The position will start on the 20th of June (Monday) to allow for a brief handover period.

Application Instructions 

Please include your CV and a covering letter. We’d love to hear why you think you’re a good fit for the role at Move The World. 
Send CV & Covering Letter to – by 26th of May 2022

Healing the World post-Covid – Michael Woma

A good global citizen understands global processes and to narrow it down to this global pandemic, the question I keep asking myself is “What if the world is not in danger but a mechanism of healing itself from the damage mankind has cursed it?”

For some reason, I think the world isn’t in danger because we are the real threat, can you see that before quarantine nature is taking its place? Animals can roam freely, the air is more cleaner now that there are no more people working in factories and no more people using vehicles because people are inside their houses.

There is a saying, that everybody want to change the world but nobody is ready to change themselves for the world. Perhaps it is time for us to reflect on ourselves and ask, what have we done for mother earth? Do you really need to use that much plastic bag? Will you walk to the nearby shop instead of driving? It is all the little things that matters, and if everyone contributed indirectly, the planet will be a beautiful place to live it.

The world is calling for healing and it is speaking to us in a specific language we dearly understand, now is the time for this generation to come together and fight for the well-being of mother earth. 

Getting Equipped to be a Get Global Facilitator – Celestine Chime

Volunteering has always been an easy commitment to me because of my personal goals of being an active changemaker wherever and whenever the need arises. Working with Move the World (MTW) has however been a learning and development phase of my life and experience in working with NGOs thus far. 

One thing that sets MTW apart from different organizations of similar stature is the attention and emphasis on training. Training as a facilitator for the Get Global Programme was fun and challenging; challenging in the sense that it made you unlearn some things and also equipped you with new skills.

As a team, we had to go through every single activity that would be done for the thirteen sessions with the kids. Going through these activities not only equipped me with the skills needed for facilitating Get Global sessions, it also put me into the shoes of the children and made me understand some of the likely challenges the kids might face using different scenarios of facilitation. It also gave me a deeper sense of the importance of these activities in teaching about the SDGs.

My highlight during the entire training sessions was however setting for myself goals for the programme and writing them down so I could reflect on them all through the duration of the programme up until it was over. I still hold on to these goals and I am positive they are still attainable despite the Corona Virus disruptions on the programme.


A Get Global session is usually filled with games and activities with students either put into two-member teams or more, depending on the size of the class or type of activity being carried out. This kind of learning is often referred to as Game-Based learning and can be done virtually or physically- as is done with our Get Global Programme.

Game-Based learning (GBL) is defined as “a practice that relates to the use of games to enhance the learning experience” (acer for education, 2017). GBL uses exercises that serve as competition for students, either pitting them against each other or getting them to challenge themselves in order to motivate them to learn better.

Unlike in gamification, where a gaming element is used to further understanding of a non-game situation, game-based learning involves the game being the learning process, with the aim of teaching a discrete skill or specific learning outcome while giving learners an engaging experience. Gamification can be seen in the context of using a game as a reward for participation in a learning activity while, GBL is the learning activity itself.

Games as Diane Ackeman puts it “is our brain’s favourite way of learning”, as such it plays a vital role in getting knowledge across to a group of people, especially kids.  The benefits of GBL stretches across a wide range. GBL tends to provide healthy competition which motivates students to channel their logic and thinking abilities while maintaining room to make mistakes without being punished for these mistakes. In addition, GBL tends to get students to be immersed in whatever they are learning and hence helps in achieving the goal of consolidating new knowledge (Teed, 2019).

“There is no reason that a generation that can memorize over 100 Pokemon characters with all their characteristics, history and evolution can’t learn the names, populations, capitals and relationships of all the 101 nations in the world.” – (Prensky, 2001. pg. 5)

Get Global Uses Game-Based Learning as a facilitation tool in training students on the Sustainable Development Goals with every session having at least two games. Over the next few weeks we will be reviewing different interesting games that are used during Get Global sessions. These games range from Minefield, SDG Memory game, Lines of communication, just to mention a few.

Brace yourself over the next few weeks as we have fun together.


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