Let’s Go Planting: Move The World supports Green Ghana.

The Ministry of Lands and Resources alongside the Forestry Commission launched the Green Ghana Project on 11th June 2021.

This is to be a national annual event called Green Ghana Day. The project campaigns for restoring Ghana’s depleting forest by planting 5 million trees a day nationwide. The total number of trees planted will increase annually.

Free seedlings were distributed by the Government and the project encouraged the engagement of all citizens. Move The World being the only registered NGO in the Medie township supported the Forestry Commission Service Division in Amasaman to plant 200 Teak and Cedrela seedlings in Dobro – the next town after Medie.

Inmates from the Nsawam Prison came to support the initiative and helped in the tree planting. The Green Ghana Team has a Monitoring and Evaluation team who are responsible of  nursing and nurturing the seedlings into maturity.

This is an investment in the sustainability of our future and Move The World couldn’t miss an opportunity to engage in an initiative that reflected the diverse ways in which we educate students to be active global citizens through our Get Global Programme.

We look forward to continually be an active participant of the annual Green Ghana Day events.

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