Michael Woma

A charity organisation that turns the youth into global thinkers is where I always want to be and that is why Move The World will always be my home forever. 

Being a part of addressing the global challenges we are facing now has a great impact on me and my community as a whole! 

It’s been positive and fun since we started our first Get Global facilitation program. A 6 months program for students age 9 – 11 years who are being educated about the first 6 sustainable development goals through creative projects and activities. 

I like the fact that I’ve built a whole family out of this Get Global programme, amazing people that I’ve met, some I have never seen before but now we are like close friends, we are like family and anytime we see each other I always like that family bond and that is one thing I’ve picked out of this whole program as a global citizen.

Get Global has impacted so many lives especially mine if I should speak from my personal point of view. It has given me an avenue to have an impact in children’s lives.

Every time I pick up the Get Global curriculum to read and prepare for my facilitation, I feel empowered to change society.

Also, I believe that the earth is not ours; it is a treasure we hold in trust for future generations. That is why one kid in a classroom or a corner somewhere would look at me and might also want to make a change in the future as I am doing now, which will be an impact created as global citizens.