Margaret Osei

I respond to the name, Margaret Osei. A very dedicated, skilled and motivated young woman among 2 siblings.
Margaret grew up in a Sub Urban community with other young women who always love to work together to create change around them.
She loves to travel, dance, listen to music, read, farm, bake, share challenges and find solutions, among other skills that seek to bring development for young women. She is a team player, goal-oriented, problem solver, a facilitator and a trainer. Margaret has volunteered for the past 5 years within communities and with public and private organizations having common interests in development.
She is currently volunteering as a lead facilitator with Move The World on the Get Global Education Programme to train and build capacities of young people on the Sustainable Development Goals. She believes this will facilitate skilled and motivated young people to become role models who will be there to create change in the community and the world at large.