Wonu Owoade

Wonu joined Move the World in October 2021 as our Fundraising Manager. Wonu is a strong believer in the power of education to change the world. She believes that through education, children can not only transform their lives by having the tools to reach their full potential but also transform their communities encouraging greater positive societal change. Wonu’s interest in fundraising and the not-for-profit sector started in her youth where she
volunteered for international charities such as Oxfam, UNICEF UK, and Christian Aid. Over the past decade, she has built considerable experience working in external fundraising for a range of NGOs. She is really excited about spreading the word about Move the World and supporting our efforts to develop new partnerships.

Lucy Smith

Lucy is a creative chatterbox. She loves social media and using it to bring people together, laugh a dog videos and make a difference in the world.
Lucy fell in love with Move the World after helping Claire find her wedding dress and hasn’t looked back since. She has been behind the scenes helping to build an online platform which is functional AND fun.

Natasha Adomako

Natasha was born and raised in South East London and has a love for all things creative. She has a BA in Dance Making and Performance and it was during her degree that her desire to become more connected to her Ghanaian roots led her to Move The World. Starting out as an intern in 2016, she quickly filled her admin duties; learning different skills on the go at a pivotal time during the launch of Move The World and officially joined the team as her internship was coming to an end. During this time, she accidentally fell into the social media world.

Labelled as the ‘Social Media Queen’, Natasha took care of the day-to-day posting across Move The World’s social networking sites and learnt new ways in which to engage people in MTW’s work.

Inspired by the rich community MTW created in Ghana with the next generation,  Natasha now shares this passion as a primary school teacher in London. 

Caroline Capon

Introduced to Megan and Claire through the UK dance industry; Caroline, always up for an adventure, took a chance to go to Medie, Ghana for 3 weeks back in March 2016 and hasn’t looked back. Engaging in fundraising to help support Move The World’s projects has seen her summit Mount Kilimanjaro and lead her to the engaging and highly rewarding role of Project Manager.

Her passion to see others grow and excel comes alive through her work for Move The World as she supports our facilitators through training and delivery of our Get Global Programme. She is proud to be part of this international team and the work and opportunities being created. Caroline has a weird love of Risk Management and is glad that the others let her revel in this!

Claire Hardy

Claire is passionate to bring people together; she loves the community Move the World has grown and aims to keep bringing more Global Citizens on board.
Born in Canada, Claire lived her first part of life as a professional dancer which took her around the world eventually living in Namibia for a short period and then finally landed in the UK to stay.

Claire believes in the youth of today- she believes they have the ability to make some big changes that our world needs. She gets excited to see Get Global sessions being run by incredible facilitators and all the comments – intellectual and funny- from the students partaking.

Ghana is Claire’s second home- its a country that has opened its arms to her since her first trip in 2015. Since then she is the team member with the most visas in her passport and plans to keep it that way!