Medie International School

Hello and Greetings from Medie International School to Move The World. My name is Maz Tanko ECOWAS. My Students call me Global Citizen. I’m here to share my experience for the past 7 months with the team of local facilitators that visited our school to train engage and interact with my students. In fact, though schools have been shut down and we are home now, I just want to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation to Move the World for recognising my school, MIS.

Thank God that when they first visited us, we received them I want to send this message across that if you really want your school to be dynamic, your school to develop academically, pls open, open up whenever they visit you. This group of young people are modern day scholars who no matter your position in education, when you meet them, you will love them. You will really have to humble yourself to learn a lot from them.

 I am a teacher, I have had the opportunity to observe, I was there with them, I see a lot of activities that have taken place. You might have heard of SDGs, Global Goals, Sustainable Development Goals. Yes! Some of us even at the tertiary level, we heard so many things about SDGs, we have been hearing them but in fact to be honest with you, we haven’t taken our time to actually sit down and then go through and begin to study these goals.

Now my students rhyme with it, they understand the concept of the SDGs. They now call themselves names such as Mr. ‘No Poverty’, Good Health, Quality Education, and many others.

For the past 7 months, these local Get Global facilitators who visited our schools have actually grouped these kids in sections, they visit the school every 2 weeks to train them. They engage them in interactive activities which has actually exposed these students to the outside world. They now think outside their environment, as a teacher, a lot of progress has been made, my students have learnt a lot.

 I must confess that Get Global has really transformed the lives of these students.

The interactive activities have improved their academic performance, they report to school on time, the love and unity has actually improved, they used to fight among themselves, but the use of therapy talks, skills and techniques by these GG local facilitators have actually change the mind-sets of these students. They now do things together, they share ideas together, and you could see the happiness when they come to school.

Personally, as a class teacher, it has actually helped me. These students now ask intelligent questions, they ask questions outside their environment, they ask global questions, I mean intelligent questions. I must use this opportunity, in fact on behalf of the management of MIS to thank MTW, we thank you so much for your support. I have received home activities from Lawrencia, I downloaded them, I sent them online to parents to give it to their wards and the children are busy consuming them,

In fact, we can’t thank you enough, we appreciate you MTW, we hope that when school resumes, you will not forget us, you will visit us to continue with the good works you are doing. 

Meyah Preparatory

A private preparatory school set up to provide access to education for youth in who were not attending school. It currently has 150 students. The school has a creative and visually stimulating environment, however, lacks supplies and access to quality teachers and relies on external funding for continued operations. Move The World partnered with Mayeh to deliver Get Global and we have seen great results. Students are more engaged and actively taking responsibility for their surrounding area and fellow students. The activities they are introduced to, they are replicating in their break times, and they have been inspired through this programme to start a school vegetable garden as part of their pledge for sustainability and SDG 2: Zero Hunger.