Osman is a young, energetic, inspiring boy. The first time meeting Osman, he made me happy because he will always contribute even if he doesn’t have an idea. I notice however that he looks down on others and likes to pick on his mates, especially a particular girl in the class. I spoke to him about being nice to others and when we had a session on Good Health and Wellbeing, during the appreciation activity, I dived in very well especially with the kind of words that we use against our friends which makes it unhealthy and has negative impacts on them. I talked to Osman and I’ve realised that now he has changed. He treats everyone equally, he respects the views of other people unlike before when he feels he knows it all and so whatever other people say, it doesn’t matter and that when he speaks, it’s final. He always wants to decide for the class or his group, but after sometime talking to him, he’s changed and now gives people the opportunity to contribute and share their views. I believe that going into the school is not all about facilitating your session and coming back but then, you should be able to change the lives of the students that you are educating or facilitating so that they can also change from their negative ways and take the positive path which will help the people around them. As a global citizen who wants to create change in the world and in your country, if you cannot respect the views of others, you can’t make it. Change is a gradual process, and I believe by the time we’re done with the programme in his school, Osman will be a lovely person who is ableĀ  to work with people, understanding and valuing the views of others in his life.