Megan Taylor

When we incorporated Move The World as a charity back in 2016, we made the decision that I would act as Chair of Trustees, and whilst I had been operating in this guise for quite a few years, supporting the oversight and strategic direction of the organisation, I had never been an official Trustee before – so it has been an amazing learning journey. The last 6 years have taught me a lot about the charity sector, in particular the relentless nature of fundraising that is required to keep the work and impact of a small charity going. As in any kind of leadership role, you get over one hurdle, and there’s another one coming up very quickly behind it! This has taught me a lot about resilience, and has also reminded me to have hope, always.

We have faced some really challenging times from key people moving on, immense fundraising pressures, and oh yes, a global pandemic where all our partner schools shut and we had to pivot overnight! And yet the thing I’m proudest of is that through it all, we have always persisted, and cared for each other as much as possible in the process. There have been so many moments of light heartedness and joy too that have had a big impact on me. From all of the trips to Ghana, dancing (in the rain) and learning with the amazing people that do the work on a day to day basis. Also the annual Christmas video, and the very many days spent with the team getting stuck into the work alongside a bowl of guacamole (a MTW favourite). I will be truly grateful for everything this opportunity has taught me; and I hope I can take these lessons in to many future endeavours to come!