Margaret Osei

A 26 year old woman from Medie and has worked as a Get Global facilitator for 1 year. She spoke of the programme: “being a facilitator, I have been enlightened and informed through training on how change can be created. I feel a part of effecting real change in the theme of SDG 4; Quality Education. This process has been an experience of knowledge sharing and learning, facilitating and impacting children to believe they can make a difference. It has also provided me a friendship group and regular income which I am saving to go to university”


Her Story:

Growing up as a child in my community, I realised there were a lot of diverse issues surrounding us. As a child, I believed that everything that I saw, was what should happen. Knowing that as a child, I also felt everything was static and couldn’t be changed; things like cultural norms, moral norms and traditional practices.

On my journey as I became a young woman, joining groups and making decisions to solve issues, has been my main aim. How to interact and impact change has been recognized and been adopted which has changed my perception and the way I think.

Today, being a Get Global facilitator, training and imparting skills and knowledge into the youth to understand what society, culture and government talks about change or development. I have been enlightened and informed through training; on how change can be created. The sustainable development goals have always mentioned Agenda 2030, outlining 17 goals. Equally, it talks about the thematic areas where change can be made, which all is connected to Goal 4, Quality Education.

Walking through this process, delivering my first Get Global Programme has been an experience and knowledge sharing. Facilitating and impacting the youth to make a change story today and tomorrow in my life and other people’s lives. It has been a great journey and I must say an informed and impactful journey.