Kellie Lucas

Kellie passionately believes in the power of people, connection and community. She spends her professional, personal and charitable time supporting individuals and teams to become their true authentic, genuine and powerful selves. She was Director of a child’s rights anti-trafficking/anti-slavery Ghanaian NGO, living in Ghana, when she met Claire and was delighted to be asked to join the Board of Trustees on her return to the UK in 2018. She is inspired daily by the energy, commitment and authenticity of the MTW team in the UK and Ghana. In particular, she is in awe of the loyalty, partnerships and development their presence and programmes inspire in every single person, school and community they touch. Alongside being a Trustee for Move the World, Kellie is an author, consultant, coach and mentor specialising in the evolving business imperative of Customer Success, which she believes will result in the world doing better business and being authentic and powerful global citizens.