Benjamin Hayford Adu

Ben has been involved with Move the World since 2015 when we ran a collaborative Community Day with 1 Billion Africa, one of our partner organisations. Since then Ben has been involved with numerous projects for MTW and many collaborative programmes including a Young Leaders Retreat, Ammambr3, and Tech2Orphans. We are so happy to have him officially on board as a Get Global Facilitator now- here’s his story.

His story:

Doing what you love doing best is one of the easiest way to achieve satisfaction and total emancipation. I have been a beneficiary of some of Move The World Training programs throughout the years and I bet you it has really impacted me positively.
MTW gives you the space to be your self whiles reaching your capabilities. I had the chance to meet like-minded people who are ever ready to share, learn, play and eat with me.

As a young man with the passion to transform my society and help raise peoples standard of living, Move The World was one of my major springboard to achieving that dream.
Enrolling as Move The World Facilitator this year has been one of my greatest wins in 2020. It has placed me in an environment where I have discovered and recovered some of my God given potentials. It has given me the opportunity to learn more about the Sustainable Development Goals and impact it into the younger generation of the Medie Community.
With the kids, the joy on their faces during class time is more than enough motivation and satisfaction.  It has not only benefited the people of Medie community but my immediate family. They are now more conscious of the SDGs and doing everything they need to do to promote it.