Our Founding Story

Megan and Claire founded Move the World in 2016, with a vision for using global citizenship education to develop young people around the world. As ex-professional dancers, we had been visiting the Dagara Music Centre within the community of Medie, Ghana since 2015 learning traditional Ghanaian music and dance. Throughout our time there we spoke with local leaders, chiefs and schools to find out what was important to them as a community. One of the biggest concerns was the lack of quality education practices within local schools and how this was limiting the potential for children who are growing up in a vastly different world to that of their parents. This is something we felt passionate about and felt we could support and so our work began.

“We are a group of young people who are passionate 
about education, and how we might be able to use our creativity and 
energy to impact a little bit of change.”

We embarked on co-creating an education programme that could be delivered in parallel to the standard curriculum and that would provide a more experiential learning environment to develop needed creative and social skills for the youth. Additionally, we noted the lack of employment opportunities for youth exiting secondary school and without the means of attending further education. We explored how this programme could provide training and employment opportunities for this marginalised group of young people, further increasing the impact of this programme.