Desmond Selase

I go by the name Agroh Desmond Selase. I completed Pope John Senior High School at Koforidua where I studied General Arts. I come from Nyagbo in the Volta Region. I love the agenda about the Get Global and deem it a privilege to be part of this. I am in much alacrity to teach people about the SDGs.

I really love to make people happy in any situation they find themselves in. I like to play football and  I will be very happy if I train people to assist me in changing the world.

Tony Blair

I am Tony Blair, aged 19years and I teach at Lord Krishna’s Academy. I offered Business at Senior High School. My passion is to see the world transform and I believe as a Get Global Teacher Guide, this is possible. I want to be a tax adviser in the near future to educate individuals and the society about how taxes generate revenue for the Government in construction of infrastructures and facilities in the country. My best teaching experience so far is seeing how my teacher -student relationship has improved by being open to students and encouraging them to express their views. With the teacher guide training, I am now aware of the types of learners we have in a class and I have gained some teaching skills in creating games to assist students in learning and to keep students active in class. 

Portia Quansah

I am Portia Adjeibea Quansah, aged 23 and a teacher at Meyah Preparatory School. Currently, I am studying Science Education at the University of Cape Coast. My passion lies in Teaching and this has inspired me to help children acquire more knowledge. As a teacher Guide, I look forward to influencing more individuals to know more about the sustainable development goals to contribute to its achievement. My best teaching experience has been the knowledge students have acquired through my teaching skills and the change (behavioral & academically) I have seen most of them go through in a few years of teaching.

Mensah Gifty

Mensah Etsiuah Gifty is my name, age 20 and I teach at Annalord’s Academy. I offered General Arts at Nsawam Senior High School. My passion for Teaching was peaked after a few volunteering visits in a school my mum teaches. My interest has been to impact knowledge and help younger generations to be creative thinkers. As a Teacher Guide, I aspire to be a KG tutor and I look forward to using the facilitation skills exhibited by the MTW team in my teaching experiences to give them a strong foundation. My best teaching experience so far is how the students willingly cooperate with me while I teach.This has always been a highlight that makes my day.

Ayomah Joseph

My name is Ayomah Joseph. I am 19 years old and a teacher at Sowers Academy, located at Medie Top Hill. I obtained my Basic Education Certificate Examination (B.E.C.E) at Sowers Academy and proceeded to Senior High School where I studied Elective Science from the year 2017 to 2020. I have a lot of interest in sports, especially football. I also love teaching. 

As a Get Global teacher guide my aim is to ensure my students have a lot of interest in the programme and also to get more knowledge through our lessons to be able to benefit the society and country at large.

As a science student, I aspire to study human anatomy so that I can get into the health sector to help humanity specifically as a doctor or a nurse. I love to share what I have with others. So as a teacher, my best experience is me impacting the lives of these young ones.

Richmond Afari Addo

My name is Afari Richmond Addo. I studied Pure Science at Nkwatia Presbyterian Senior High School. I love to read and to write articles. I also love researching to learn new things and learning from experienced people. Currently, I am a teacher at United Christian Academy. I aspire to be a great leader and to direct the youth to achieve great goals. I look forward to impacting students with my knowledge and to help them impact others. In the near future, I want to be recognised as one of the best engineers in Africa. My best teaching experience is knowing  that my students learn quickly whenever I teach.