Together We Can – Emmanuel Woma

As I sat down in my room thinking of this greatest enemy . An enemy that we can’t feel , see and touch. An enemy which has brought so many problems and socio-economic effects in many countries. This greatest battle we are fighting doesn’t have anything to do with guns and bombs but this enemy takes lives of the individual. And this greatest enemy is called Corona virus or Covid 19. Covid 19 has brought about lockdown of schools , religious centers and also brought a stop to social gatherings. This enemy has also brought about some socio-economic effects on the societies and the countries as a whole.

  1. This enemy has slow down developmental projects in battling countries
  2. Economic recession
  3. Heightened sense of personal hygiene
  4. Shortages in the supply of medical consumables
  5. Increase in crime rates
  6. Unemployment
  7. Decrease in older population
  8. High death rates

    Now the question is how do we fight to win this greatest enemy or do we overcome it. And the only way is to follow this safety measures put in place to overcome this enemy called Covid 19. Let us follow this safety measures below and overcome this battle
    1. Maintain social distancing
    2. Washing of hands regularly with soap under running water
    3. Periodically apply alcohol based hand sanitizers
    4. Respect the safety protocols of your country to avoid the spread of this virus


Ben’s Views on Get Global COVID Workbook

In the midst of a global pandemic of which Ghana is not exempted, the Get Global COVID-19 Workbook has been one of the numerous literatures that has been keeping our kids active and educating them on this novel disease. My mom will always say and I paraphrase, ‘this virus they say is very dangerous has a very nice name; COVID-19, it sounds funny-like.’ I called a nephew of mine over the weekend, he attends one of the best schools in Kumasi. He is 11 years old and I asked him whether he knows about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To my surprise he said he has never heard of it before. I spoke to his mom and told her I would send him the soft copy of the Get Global COVID-19 Workbook.                             

The response from my nephew made me realize the good work Move The World (MTW) is doing through the Get Global Programme. Reaching the less privilege in our deprived communities such as Medie and its environs. The Get Global Programme, covers about 7 schools in the Medie community and its environs with a total of about 176 children being impacted, not to talk of the rippling effects. The first 6 SDGs has been simplified to the level that every kid can read and understand with little or no stress. Students get to have a hands on experience on every goal we teach and facilitate. The general acceptance of the community is overwhelming and plans are being made to extend it to other schools. As a Get Global Facilitator, I have had the opportunity to be with the kids most of the time, the excitement on their faces is worth seeing and very satisfying.

The COVID-19 booklet came in at such an opportune time, but this time around it was made for the entire community not only some selected schools. Copies were made available in the Medie community both in hard copies and soft copies. Parents, children and guardians who expressed interest were given copies free of charge.  The nature of the COVID-19 booklet talks about innovative and preventive measures to help prevent and control the spread of this noble virus. It also talks about the first six SDGs which links it up to various day to day activities. It has a lot of fun games which teaches our kids to think globally and find creative and innovative ways to make the world a better and safer place for humanity. I entreat all and sundry to download this workbook from MTW website for their kids

As stipulated by Steve Irwin ‘ I believe that education is all about being excited about something. Seeing passion and enthusiasm helps push an educational message’.

This encapsulates what the COVID-19 booklet is all about, helping people to discover themselves, discover their passion and embracing it with all enthusiasm for the betterment of themselves and their community at large. My heartfelt appreciation goes to the  MTW Team for their hard work and thoughtfulness. Their relentless effort in their quest to promote and educate our children into getting global and staying safe in this abnormal times. I encourage us all to ensure social distancing since it has proven to be best strategy to combat the noble COVID-19.

-Owura Ben.

At War with a Common Enemy – Poem by Joseph Fiagbe

I have been thinking of ways to blend poetry, recital, dance and drama in choreography alongside the sweetness of the healing sounds of the gyil instrument.
My inspirations are from different angles;
my love for the wellbeing and existence of humanity as one people with equal respect for all,
my passion for dance
the sweet sounds of the buzzing gyil instrument
story teller, gyil builder and player masters Mr. Tgyan and late Bernard Woma.
The analogy in this poem is inspired by a Reggae artiste cum radio presenter in Ghana who hosts a show on ‘zylofon radio station’ called the “Taxi Driver Show, Blakk Rasta.”
In all, I felt like this crisis has it’s ups and downs so why not make the best out of these days of social distancing and discover new skills and talents within me – like poetry!

War oh war, when will this war end?
The answer depends on how we fight this war. We are at war with a common enemy. Who is this common enemy?
The invisible enemy in our midst, devouring innocent souls.
Brethren, are you ready to face this common enemy who knows no boundaries, no colour, nor age, neither rich or poor, big or small, short or tall, master or servant, male or female?
The only race on earth, the human race, is under attack by a common enemy and now you know who our enemy is, COVID-19.
Some youth keep saying they are at no risk with this enemy but HEY, remember you are not immune and therefore you are a potential ally to be used by the enemy to get into your home and rip your family apart.
Our big giant birds are no more being impregnated with humans and flying over our heads. From Australia through Norway and all the ways, to England, Finland, Grand Island, Holland, Iceland and through all the rest of the lands, down to Zimbabwe, the whole world is at war with one common invincible enemy.
How do we fight this enemy?
‘Together we stand- divided we fall’ as the saying goes, enough is enough, what our enemy has taken from us is enough!
Let us all stand together, united and equip ourselves with the one simple weapon known to be ‘social distancing’ to fight this common enemy and victory will be ours.
DO NOT FORGET your healthy living tips (drinking water regularly throughout the day, regular exercising, personal hygiene, staying at home, etc) to help break the chain of our common enemy spreading through us like the unseen wind!
Stay Safe!

“That Moment” – written by Margaret Osei

……….That Moment………

That moment where everyone is quiet. Where School doors are locked, Churches are locked. Where Students are tired of staying home and the market centers are Closed.

That moment, Where you see the streets blocked by the police and Civilians running off because they will be send away to stay home.

A moment where troskis can not move freely for the sake of lockdown. Where you see loved ones and can not shake, hug and even get close to them.

That moment, where mothers can’t stay home because their family need to survive.

In fact the moment where washing hands with soap under running water is a necessity. Covering nose, sanitizing hands, avoid touching of faces and maintain it social distancing is a must to every person.

That moment is now!
Stay home! Stay safe!
When you move, the virus moves.

Inspiration behind the poem:
I have been a young woman who had always made journeys, worked with people and inspired them. Trained them and have always been inspired to see them smile. Today it’s hard to get close to them and all that I think of is ” That Moment”.

A creative Covid-19 Response

Our team has been reflecting on what this month has been like. There have been highs and there have been lows as I am sure most of you are experiencing during this time of Covid-19. Personally one of the strangest things to deal with is the difference between each country and where they are in terms of procedures. The UK was on lockdown before Ghana but then Ghana’s schools were shut down on the 16th of March making our programmes non-existent. However, with business still running as usual in Ghana it seemed strange that children were left to their own devices.

We were finally in a place where we have our Get Global programme and it works; students and facilitators both love it, schools are on board, we have plans for the future… AND now we have to cease delivery. Additionally, the youth we work with in Ghana don’t have the ability to continue virtual-learning with their schools or even the access to online learning material like most do in the UK – how then do we support kids who temporarily have no access to education?

So, we had to get our thinking caps on and think about how we can create a new ‘at-home’ programme for youth based on the foundations of Get Global.

Our Get Global Covid-19 Workbook takes students on a 2-week journey of activities and daily challenges.  These activities range from researching a country and finding some key facts to understanding different ways of thinking about an issue or challenge. We also want to ensure that students can access another side of this lockdown by creating daily challenges with their family members. Making dinner with an adult, writing a note of appreciation and even building the tallest structure with things you find in the house. 

Our goal is to reach as many students in the Medie area of Ghana with these books, not just students already on the programme but their friends and peers as well. We are also going to make this activity book available online as a PDF so anybody around the world can make use of it.


With a full lockdown starting in Ghana on the 30th of March, time was of the essence. We spent 2 weeks creating and designing the programme, finding a printer and then transporting them to Medie for distribution. Distribution of 300 activity books was completed on the 29th of March at 8pm… cutting it close but just on time!

We hope this workbook will give students a chance to learn something new, engage with their families and connect with us via social media during this uncertain time. 

As Managing Director, I can wholeheartedly say that I am very proud of our team and what we have accomplished in a few short weeks. We have all dealt with emotional days, fear and uncertainty and come together to make sure that our students are reached in any way we can. 

We would love to engage with more students and families around the world during this time, so please do contact me directly ( or through social media and we’ll send a copy of the workbook over to you to engage with!

Thank you for your support- together we will Move the World.